Harley Wax - Tea Tree Strip Wax

Harley Wax launches new Tea Tree Wax

Beauty therapists, salon and spa owners have trusted Harley Wax products for years thanks to our advancements in making wax treatments more effective and more comfortable for their clients.

Our products include a variety of Film Wax, Hard Wax and Soft Waxes, as well as a range of accessories. Worth a special mention is the BRAND NEW Harley Tea Tree Strip Wax. A very low melting temperature and quality ingredients combined with the anti-inflammatory benefits of tea tree oil greatly reduce the risk of skin irritation. All the Harley Strip Waxes are ideal for use on larger areas like legs, arms, as well as the back and chest areas.

Tea tree oil has been used to treat various skin conditions for many years and is known to soothe sunburn and other burns, making it the perfect companion for waxing products. The oil on its own is considered a great “refresher” for your skin and simply adding a few drops to your bath can make all the difference.

Our wax shrink wraps around each hair, not the skin, making it ideal for clients with very sensitive skin and suitable for all other skin types. It removes hair as short as 1mm and causes little to no irritation or redness.

“I can't recommend Harley hot wax products enough. I've worked with them for 8 years now and would never use a different brand again,” - Lucy Tuck, - Definition Skin and Laser Clinic.

Harley Wax offers a range of waxes to suit your spa or salon. Simply visit our store for more info or to effortlessly purchase our products.